Canopy Installations



A crucial part of all commercial catering establishments is the extract canopy and ventilation system. This device plays a massive part in extracting the combusting gases and fumes created whilst cooking on a large scale.

All combusted gases have to be extracted to create a safe working environment.

Having a correct design is imperative to ensure that gases are safely extracted through the canopy and out of the duct. It is essential that the combustible gases and fumes being extracted are being replaced by fresh air, this is provided by a correctly sized mechanical ventilation fan bringing in fresh air.

This helps the appliance burn correctly and work to its full potential.

Boiler Doctor 24/7 has helped to design and install ventilation and extract systems for many catering establishments and we pride ourselves with working closely with some of the best installers in the capital.

We work within the regulations to provide establishments with a ventilation and extract system to meet the performance needs of all kitchens small or large. For more information feel free to call or email us.