Catering Appliance Repair



The worst situation in a catering establishment is for an appliance such as your six top burner, oven, or steamer oven to breakdown in the middle of service causing a loss of profits to the restaurant and potentially unsatisfied customers.

Boiler Doctor 24/7 can react within the hour and have an engineer with you as soon as possible to help diagnose your fault. We can order parts whilst on site for delivery within 24 hours to get your kitchen back up and running.

We’ve found that dealing with commercial catering establishments is very rewarding and we’ve had the pleasure of working in some of the top London restaurants and various other catering establishments such as cafés, pizzerias, bakeries and many fast food establishments.

We’ve helped with all manor of problems ranging from faulty thermocouplings, blocked injectors, broken gas valves and the list goes on. Buffalo, Blue Seal, Lincat, Rational, Blodgett, Pitco, Parry, Falcon, Imperial are Dualit Buco are just a few of the main brands we’ve worked with but having a network of key suppliers with great delivery times and vast knowledge allows us to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

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