Central Heating Installation



Central heating is an essential part of every home, we all come home and switch on the central heating – its second nature. However, a poorly installed, designed and maintained central heating system can be a nightmare.

We’re able to install, design and maintain a central heating system, it’s second nature to us just like you turning on your thermostat. Central heating isn’t just a matter of putting radiators here, there and everywhere.

Boiler Doctor 24/7 has the experience, skill and knowledge on how to correctly design, size and locate all your radiator and pipework correctly. This allows for maximum performance from your heating system and with energy efficiency at the front of all of our minds it’s important to install time and temperature controls.

Ranging from thermostatic radiator valves, 7 day programmers and wireless room thermostats this gives you individual zone heating control which helps you to save the pennies.

Poorly installed, maintained and designed systems can lead to boiler breakdowns, blockages, leaks and lots of other expensive problems. Boiler Doctor 24/7 can help design a new system or diagnose and suggest system upgrades to increase your central heating life.

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