Central Heating Servicing


People tend to ignore what they can’t see, for example ignoring your car needs its oil changing. Central heating works the same way, you can’t see when it needs its water draining, or if it needs cleaning, inspecting or servicing.

Boiler Doctor 24/7 can guarantee that at least 75% of you reading this are wondering why your radiators are not heating up or have cold and hot spots or even worse blockages from sediment or seized pumps.

These faults are all caused by a lack of yearly servicing and inspection. A poor conditioned central heating system can be very costly, we can’t begin to tell you the importance of servicing and installing products such as Magna clean filters, Fernox cleaner, Fernox inhibitor to keep your boiler working correctly.

To fix your boiler problems we aim to give you a 10 point servicing schedule for your central heating:

  • System drain down
  • Water content check
  • Add Fernox cleaner
  • Run system
  • Drain Fernox cleaner
  • Add Fernox inhibitor to protect system
  • Run system for 30 mins
  • Check pumps, valves and boiler for performance
  • Assess system performance, check all controls ie: thermostats, time clocks
  • Advise customer on upgrades or further work

As you can see with such a thorough servicing schedule, Boiler Doctor 24/7 does not miss a thing and you can rely on our extensive years of experience to give you the best central heating

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