Cold Water Storage Tanks


Cold Storage Tank

Cold Water Storage Tanks – Cold Water Mains:

Properties in and around London all need cold water and can be supplied by two different types of cold water mains. The two types are either cold water storage tanks; mainly identifiable by being in your loft space and secondly by cold water mains direct supply.

There is a big difference in the two: mainly the pressure and the flow. There are pros and cons to each type, cold water storage tanks are often found in large properties and are becoming more outdated and cold water mains direct supply gives home owners great pressure at all outlets and is most common in newer buildings, flats and inner city areas.

At Boiler Doctor 24/7 we are proud to say that we are Water Regulation Approved Plumbers giving us the inside knowledge on all cold water systems including how to install and repair them and how to protect you from contaminating your water main.

Everyone in the UK has to be responsible when it comes to wasting water and protecting water from contamination, which is why in 1999 the Water Regulation set out to help businesses, homeowners and landlords to help stop us wasting water.

Through years of working on a variety of different cold water mains and coming across many different challenges we at Boiler Doctor 24/7 can give you the best service, value for money and advice, whether it be pressure and flow related, Thames Water notifications, leaks or a new installation.

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