Commercial Catering



London is one of the best cities in the world to eat in and with that there is an ever growing need for catering engineers to keep the kitchens and customers food flowing.

As these establishments are constantly working at high demand levels equipment can often breakdown, need replacing or simply need emergency serving. A lot of the time the lack of servicing and maintenance of equipment can lead to the failure of productivity.

Throughout the years catering establishments have constantly changed due to new safety regulations, many times new and old equipment has to be brought up to standard for safety.

Boiler doctor 24/7 takes great pride in being able to say that we have worked in some of the top London restaurants in Mayfair to the likes of Babbo Italian, Santini in Victoria, Japanese Ambassadors kitchen and Grange Hotels Essex to just name a few.

We’ve also helped many small establishments such Dominos, Mammas Pizza place and retirement homes throughout the south east.

We feel that catering establishments give us some of the greatest challenges due to time restraints and high kitchen demands. This has taught us to work to the best of our ability as quickly as possible.

We can cope with any product, giving you the knowledge that Boiler Doctor 24/7 we can guarantee a fast effective repair or planned installation within no time at all. In a business that can’t take no for an answer we aim to provide a quick remedy so you can carry on serving us some of the finest food in the world.