Commercial Radiant Tube Heaters



Another way of heating large spaces is by installing a radiant tube heater, this is a particular favorite in workshops and garage spaces within the motor trade.

These units are hung from ceilings and can benefit from individual installation design especially regarding the number of units in spaces and shared flues. These heaters produce high temperatures and heat industrial sized buildings quickly, however these units aren’t known for their energy efficiency.

We’ve found that the need for more energy efficient ways of heating large spaces have reduced the number of these systems available on the market. However, it still means there are a high number of these appliances which need service repair work and if necessary installation.

repair work and if necessary installation. There is a limited amount of manufacturers who still produce these appliances such as AmbiRad, Powermatic, Spaceray. With such a small number of manufacturers producing these heaters it is quite easy to source parts and be able to get relative information needed to keep your tube heaters functioning correctly.

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