Forced Draft Burner



Forced draft burners produce great amounts of heat and burn on a preset gas and air setting which is imperative to make sure that the combustion rate and operation of the burner is correct.

Forced draft burners are common in large breweries where your average package burner or normal modulating type burner isn’t enough, especially where gas rate exceeds 120 KW where average burners will struggle. A forced draft burner will easily take on a high gas rate and load.

These type of burners require a lengthy installation and a specific setup to make sure that gas and air mixtures are correct. To ensure combustion, co/co2 levels and flue temperatures are correct we go through a process known as commissioning and needs an experienced engineer to setup correctly.

Boiler Doctor 24/7 has been lucky enough to work closely with a handful of manufacturers such the likes of Rielloburners, James Ramsay, Greens Combustion, and Zeeco on various installations.

We have successfully commissioned many of the forced draft burners and from experience we can say that they are by far the most challenging of burners but having both the patience, experience and skill, it’s another service we’re happy to offer.