Gas Pipe Installation



Gas pipework installation is something we know like the back of our hand. From years of installing pipe work to properties we know how to fix pipes leading right into the property, how to install external wall mounted pipework leading to a blocks of flats or even just adding an additional gas feed to a new appliance we can assist you.

All gas pipework needs to be installed correctly whilst going through precise testing procedures to establish that all pipework is safe and usable.

Our first steps at Boiler Doctor 24/7 is to do a site survey to establish pipework position and that installation is possible. Whilst on site we will carry out the following checks on your gas main:

If existing pipework is available:

  • Soundness test (to establish whether there are leaks)
  • Working pressure
  • Standing pressure

If no pipework available:

  • Design stage will be discussed

This site visit is crucial to establish how we will go about installation and design, for more information please call or email.