Gas Safety Certificate


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Home owners, landlords and tenants all have a duty of care when it comes to gas appliances and gas in homes.

To make sure we are “gas safe” health and safety regulations as well as the government and Gas safe formerly known as Corgi have set out to protect us in a our homes. A specific set of testing procedures is now enforced for gas engineers to carry out to deem whether or not your appliances and pipework are safe to carry and burn gas efficiently and safely in the home.

These testing procedures are known as a Gas Safety Certificates or alternatively CP12. Below is a list of what a gas safety checks should be carried out:

  • Test the gas main for soundness (leaks)
  • Test appliances i.e: boiler cooker, gas fire for safe operation according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Test for c0 /c02 levels where appropriate
  • Issue certificate if appliance and pipework deemed safe

Boiler Doctor 24/7 offers a fully comprehensive gas safety certificate and can repair any faults if found in order to make your home “Gas safe”. It is now the law that once a year a landlord needs to have these checks carried out as part of a planned maintenance routine. For more info please call or email.