Hot Water Cylinders


Water Cylinder

Hot water cylinders provide us with hot water by either a gravity fed system or unvented (pressurised) system.

Both systems have their place in the modern hot water system but due to lime scale and poor installation gravity fed systems are pretty standard in performance and normally require to be pumped at a later date. In comparison, unvented systems are balanced to have the same pressure as your cold water main and have an all-round great performance, which is why we vote this the best system in production.

This being said all systems need maintaining and looking after and Boiler Doctor 24/7 is here to carry out all repair work, installation and design which is critical for systems to perform to 100% of their ability.

Boiler Doctor 24/7 has worked on many systems including changing over from gravity to unvented systems, replacements due to wear and tear and repairs on hot water cylinders due to lack of maintenance.

We have worked on all the leading brands of cylinders such as Gledhill, Pulsa Megaflow and many more. As you can see from our extensive knowledge of all types, shapes and sizes we can help as all of our Boiler Doctor 24/7 engineers are Water Regulations Approved plumbers as well as Bpec unvented registered.

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