Leak Detection And Repairs


Boiler Doctor 24/7 can help detect and assist gas leakages no matter how big or small. We have the most advanced detection equipment available whether it be a ceiling void or a solid floor behind kitchen units we can detect your leak and fix it.

There are two ways to detect a gas leak, we either use a highly sensitive sniffing equipment or we soundness test the meter. Finding the leaking joint or pipe needs to be treated with care, all of our engineers are gas safe registered and are ready at a moment’s notice to come and find your leak.

We recommend that if you smell gas you should immediately find the gas meter and turn off your gas supply, you’ll need to open your doors and windows to ventilate the area.

DON’T light any naked flames or switch on switches and most importantly put your children and pets in a safe location until help arrives. For more information please see our YouTube tutorial on Safe Isolation Of Gas In Properties.