Pipework installation



Commercial kitchens have a number of appliances that need to be supplied by gas or water pipework.

It’s important that within these establishments pipework is installed within the correct guidelines to give maximum performance to the appliances to allow for a safe and effective working kitchen.

Boiler Doctor 24/7 has worked on many pipework installations in commercial kitchens. We’ve worked on such jobs as new gas main pipework installation, upgrades to hot and cold water services to meet water regulations and waste water pipework alteration and installation.

We can’t stress enough how important it is that your kitchen design has the pipework fitted in a safe and practical location whilst meeting all current gas and water regulations. Due to health and safety this pipework may be inspected and certified as safe to use for the purpose it’s been used for.

All pipework installation carried out by Boiler Doctor 24/7 will be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer or a Thames Water Approved plumber. We guarantee a quality of work and a perfect job, for more information please call or email.