Plaque Heaters



Plaque heaters appliances are very limited within the commercial industry but they can be found within small workshops and areas where there is less of a need for large heat outputs. They are great at producing a lot of heat in a small area and are very cost effective, however they come with a lot of installation requirements.

They work on simple principles making them easy to maintain and fault find due to the lack of complicated parts within the appliance. It operates through gas being passed through a gas valve where an ignition takes place at the burner to from a spark causing the gas to ignite and a flame to form across the plaque itself.

Made from ceramic material capable of withstanding high temperatures and able to absorb heat, plaque heaters are perfect to allow the occupants of the premises to enjoy high temperatures in the individual area where it is situated.

At Boiler Doctor 24/7 we can assist you in installation, design and most importantly repair. As with other specialised forms of heating these appliances only have limited amounts of manufacturers in the UK which makes parts cheap and easy to source. Manufacturers such as Schwank and Powermatic are the most common brands found.

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