A lot of the time powerflushing can be miss-sold or poorly introduced to customers to improve their central heating system. Firstly if powerflushing is what you’re thinking could be your solution let us at Boiler Doctor 24/7 come and give you a consultation to ensure that powerflushing is a necessary process.

Once we’ve been able to decide on what action to take and that powerflushing is the right approach then you are in safe hands.

So what is powerflushing? Powerflushing is a method of removing sediment, particles and blockages from your central heating system due to poor servicing, poor system design or the age of your boiler system.

We use nothing but the best technology and experience to be able to offer the highest quality service. We also have a wealth of experience with powerflusing from underfloor heating, radiator systems and commercial heating systems. Our experience helps us to be able to give you the best boiler performance and results, so contact us to bring your central heating system or affected appliances back to life.