Testing And Inspecting


All commercial catering establishments need to be treated differently to other establishments that are supplied by gas due to the nature of the business and the function of the appliances.

There are many different tests that need to be carried out within the kitchen, these test’s fall under the certification of a CP42 and include testing and inspecting gas pipework, gas appliances, canopy, ventilation, extract and safety from certain devices such as CO /CO2 alarms.

The reason for such vigorous procedures is to make sure those working within the kitchen and dining in the establishment are safe at all times. Boiler Doctor 24/7 is at hand to carry out all testing procedures to enable your kitchen to stay safe and operable and also keeping the customer’s safe which is paramount.

It is a legal requirement to have a CP42 when running a commercial catering establishment so if you need a CP42 or testing and inspecting within the kitchen please get in touch.

See below for a sample of a CP42: