Warm Air Units



There are many different ways in which people choose to heat commercial spaces such as factories, offices and workshops. At Boiler Doctor 24/7 we are often challenged with being able to provide enough heat for large commercial units which are cost efficient.

Warm air units are perfect for commercial spaces, they are normally fitted on the ceiling so they can heat large spaces efficiently. They work by utilizing a large fan to push the warm air being produced by the burner.

There are only a small number of manufacturers who supply these units such as Reznor, Johnson and Starley, Powermatic, Harry Taylor and Warmco, Econair. Due to the specialist nature there is only a selected few manufacturers, who can deal with these appliances.

Boiler doctor 24/7 has become a specialist in these units due to a great understanding of domestic warm air units in the commercial and domestic market allowing us to repair, install and service warm air units.

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