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Home owners all have a duty of care when it comes to their gas appliances and the gas in their homes.

To make sure we are “gas safe” health and safety regulations, as well as the government and Gas safe formerly known as Corgi, have set out to guidelines to protect us in our homes. A specific set of testing procedures is now enforced for gas engineers to carry out to deem whether or not your appliances and pipework are safe to carry and burn gas efficiently and safely in your home.

These testing procedures are known as a Gas Safety Certificates or alternatively CP12.

What should be carried out to ensure your property is gas safe?

  • Test the gas main for leaks
  • Test appliances i.e. boiler, cooker, gas fire for correct operation according to manufacturer's instructions
  • Test for c0/c02 levels where appropriate
  • Issue certificate if appliance and pipework deemed safe

Boiler Doctor 247 offers a fully comprehensive gas safety certificate and can repair any faults if found to make your home “Gas safe”.

Would you benefit from a Gas Safety Interlock?

Gas Safety Interlock Systems are set up so that they stop gas being supplied to the entire property so that if your appliances fail, everyone is safe.

Gas Safety Interlock Systems are a requirement in all new kitchen installations. However, if your property is without one, we suggest you get one fitted as soon as possible. In our mind, these systems are great because they allow you to easily protect your home if one of your appliances fail

Without the means of an extractor fan, a gas issue could cause huge problems in your property, these systems allow for a safe service and a good practice.

Talk to the Boiler Doctor team today if you need your boiler serviced, or if you would like to talk further about the benefits of a gas safety interlock


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