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Boiler Servicing

People tend to neglect what they can’t see, and boilers are a prime example of an appliance where people assume everything is running smoothly. We all take our boiler for granted; it works every day to provide us with heating and hot water yet most people tend to neglect the fact that like a car if it runs, it doesn’t need maintenance.

Servicing is the key to a hassle-free boiler and having a yearly service means your boiler will be kept in top condition for longer. Boiler Doctor 247 can give you a full breakdown of any potential problems, and we aim to rectify them on the same day! This also gives us a chance to assess and discuss options such as a Magna Clean Filter for your central heating, or if you could benefit from thermostatic radiators or wireless room thermostats to help lower your energy bills and make your boiler work more efficiently.

Boiler Doctor’s primary goals for every service is to:

  • Test boiler for safe operation
  • Test c0/c02 levels
  • Test that the gas supply is safe
  • Check all working parts
  • Clean your boiler
  • Lubricate where needed
  • Comply with manufacturer's instructions and regulation

This is just an outline, and we have a specific checklist to work from provided by the manufacturer. All boilers can differ so we will adjust our checklist to accommodate your boiler model. Boiler Doctor 247 has worked on a majority of boilers, and we have close ties with the manufacturers, receiving training from them regularly. We aim to give you the best value for money and peace of mind that your boiler will be serviced by the best boiler company on the market.


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