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How to choose the best boiler in 2022

An old boiler

Homeowners have always been interested in what happens in their homes when it comes to building work. Most of us enjoy a good chat with the builder or spend a fair bit of time on Google searching out what we want in our homes but when it comes to Boilers do you know how to choose the correct boiler for your home?

Where to start :

A good place to start as a homeowner before you get into what brand you want is to assess your house's size and how many bathrooms. This is vital as correctly choosing your Boiler or wanting to be part of your decision when directed by your PLumbing and heating company won't feel like a mind field of an over-the-top sales pitch. Firstly make a checklist:

  • How many bathrooms do you have 

  • How many people in the property

  • How many rooms in your property

  • How many existing radiators 

  • Do you plan on extending your property 

  • What age is your property 

All of these details will help you select a potential boiler to suit your property.

Selecting a Boiler :

Many manufacturers have boiler selection tools and will give you a good understanding of what you may require but here are some things that they may not be able to understand which should be taken into account. 

If your choose a replacement Boiler all Boilers now will need a minimum supply of 19 mbar of gas this is a manufacturer's requirement and the boiler is fitted to a gas main where the supply is insufficient cannot be commissioned (signed off) under the Gas Safe Registration. This is vital for you as it's a legal document of proof of the competency of the installer and will validate the warranty.

What size is your incoming water main? lots of properties have undersized water mains due to conversion or incorrect plumbing fitted by builders. This can hugely affect how your boiler operates and it would be well worth carrying out a water flow and pressure check which can help estimate the size of the water main. 

The best thing to do would be to ask a qualified Heating engineer to carry out these checks using a flow cup and pressure gauge you could alternatively buy one off amazon and follow the instructions.

Whatever you choose locating the incoming water main and checking the size with a tape measure will also help if the pipe is 15 mm you may need additional work or a Booster pump which can now be fitted to help increase pressure and flow a great company who make these pumps are called Salamander and the product is a Home boost. If the pipe is 22mm or above and your flow rate and pressure test are ok you can move on to the next step.

If you have an existing system and radiators aren't heating up correctly it would be wise to include a power flush when having a new Boiler fitted any heating company should be able to carry this out and this will remove sediment causing poor performance in the heating system.

Whilst checking over radiators look for leaks or ask your heating engineers to do a heat loss calculation to check if radiators are sufficient. lots homes suffer from underperforming radiators as they haven't been sized according to what the rooms or building require carrying out correct heat loss will give you the sizes needed and finally help you choose the size of the boiler 

There are some other things to consider such as the location of boiler (termination of a flue ) and electrical connection and should be taken into account as these can be deal breakers as flues have to meet regulations and electrical connection also will need an individual fused spur 

What size Boiler :

Now we come to the final part it would always be advised that a gas safe registered engineer help you choose the correct size as you can see from above there are lots to be taken into account but as a rule of thumb you could follow the table below

Type of boiler number of bathrooms rooms (total) Kilowatt Output

Conclusion :

As you can see all the information above will help you make some estimations but will be a good idea to ask a professional gas safe registered Plumbing and heating company to carry out these checks and supply you with a quotation.

The next question on your mind is what boiler brand do I use we have put together our list of Best Boilers and why we chose to work with the best manufacturers. We hope this has been helpful and given you an insight into what it takes to choose the correct size boiler for your home 

Do you need help choosing a boiler?

We repair boilers in Liverpool, if you need assistance please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help guide you.

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