Boiler Repair and Maintenance

Boiler Doctor is one of the leading companies offering the repair and maintenance service of boilers across London. Repairing a boiler requires expertise and immense experience because defective ones can be highly dangerous. The engineer attending the issue should be knowledgeable, fast and effective. At Boiler Doctor, we employ only the best engineers who can meet the expectations of our customers.

We are proud of being available provide service around-the-clock. Our engineers offer prompt service to the repair every boiler. Our technicians can easily handle the most complex of boiler issues.


Our Proficiency 

Boiler Doctor takes care of issues like emergency leaks, boiler breakdowns and all kinds of plumbing issues which normally plague residents and commercial sites around London. The experts here have worked on all kinds of boilers like Bosch, Worchester, Valliant and many more and have immense experience. They have worked closely with the manufacturers of these machines and trained themselves in the nitty-gritties that normally result in the malfunctioning of boilers.

A thorough understanding of the complexity these machines has made our engineers experienced enough to fix the problems within minutes. They have nearly perfected the art of diagnosing and successfully offering boiler repairs during the first visit, this is why we are London’s boiler doctor’s, hence the name.


Prompt Service

Experts at Boiler Doctor have always offered fantastic service, which has given us a lot of repeat customers, nearly 82% according to our last survey. People prefer our engineers because they are professional, fast and skilled which puts our customers at complete ease.

Their confidence and expertise in offering unbeatable London boiler repair and London plumbing services can be gauged right from the moment they step in your home. At Boiler Doctor, we pride ourselves in being available 24/7 with a fleet of the best engineers in town.


Value for money

Our customers are well aware of the value for money that the engineers from Boiler Doctor offer regarding the maintenance and London boiler repair. We won’t offer any unnecessary fixes or changes which would cause extra charges to our customers.

We diagnose the London plumbing and boiler repair problems and discuss the issues with you before getting down to repair or maintenance. Our customers have complete confidence in our skills. We are proud to offer a six months guarantee on labour and parts. We believe in building lifelong professional relationships that inspire mutual benefit. After calling on our engineers once, you will be delighted to see the service quality and commitment that we can offer you along with timely services.




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Customer Testimonials
 Boiler Doctor came and installed a brand new boiler for me 24 hours after my previous one packed up. 5 stars *****
Ronnald Cheow
Boiler Doctor Client 3
 I was very happy with the service Boiler Doctor provided and will 100% be using them again if needed in the future
Angie Camfield
Boiler Doctor Client 2
 Boiler Doctor were very nice to deal with and were able to fix my boiler very quickly. Totally recommend to anyone in need.
Maggy Bakerige
Boiler Doctor Client 1